Soulmate Readings

Immediate soulmate and life path readings are also available. If you have urgent questions that can’t wait. She understands. That’s why she created a page just for that reason. To help answer those specific concerns weighing on your mind. Simply send her an email to make sure she is available for a reading. She will let you know some good times to talk. She can usually get to you the same day. You can send her a paypal payment then simply call her google voice number right here on the page at the designated time. This goes for bookings also. She wants her clients to feel they got their questions answered and have a sense of satisfaction after the call.

office hours: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm cst

business tel.  1 – (262) 320 – 7444

most likely valerie will provide your reading within 3 hours depending on the time of day purchased.

it could take up to 24 hours . if a reading needs to be done within the hour please contact below first.

                                                                                                               chat or phone

                                                                                               15 minutes talk time $30

                                                                                                   spiritual reading